8 Dining

Korat’s New Breed of Upscale Dining

Not to be confused with it’s sister 8 Bistro, which is near Yamo Market, 8 Dining is located in the City Link condo park just off Mittrapap Road. It is a restaurant in the style of the new class of fine dining spots starting to open in Korat. With a very large dining room, high ceiling-to-floor windows, and the smooth unpainted concrete walls and floors, the atmosphere at 8 Dining is elegant and modern.


Their menu is literally a little book, and they have a wide range of Thai dishes that have been given little twists, making them a kind of “fusion” or “re-invented” take on typical Thai foods. One of their most delicious and interesting dishes is Yam Somo Pla Duek Foo, which is a crispy catfish and pommelo tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy salad. And it is out of this world! They have roasted duck sautéed in red curry, New Zealand mussels, tuna steak with spicy Thai sauce, sashimi and sushi, curries, and a variety of appetizers and stir-fried dishes.

8 Dining also has a full cocktail, beer, and wine bar. They stock lots of imported beers and some of the emerging Thai craft beers, and even have Hoegaarden and Singha’s Copper on tap. When you order a beer they serve you a small bowl of roasted peanuts mixed with dried chillies and bay leaves, a great little palate cleanser.

Kalang Bee Nam Pla

They have a private dinning room that is regularly booked full. Live music most nights, and the occasional special mini-concert. They typically offer specials for different holidays and events, and regularly have promotions on beers.


8 Dining is a great place to try something a little different, and treat yourself to an upscale dining experience in Korat. The prices are not cheap, but they certainly are fair for the quality of food and service you can expect to find at 8 Dining. We highly recommend the Nue Massaman, the Kalang Bee Nam Pla (vegetables, kind of Chinese style) and the Mieng Poo Nim (Soft Shell Crab served in Traditional “Miang Kham” Style. 


The easiest way to find out more about what’s going, directions to, and how to get in contact with 8 Dining is to visit their facebook page.


Many pictures taken by us since 2016 here: 

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