The Aquarium of Sisaket is a jewel in Isaan. It won’t be the best aquarium you will see in the world, but the entrance is extremely cheap and these have nice displays, fish tank, and explanations for children and those who are like me, a little bit older.

The entrance.

The Aquarium of Sisaket is located in a park, on a kind of island not very far from the city (maybe 7km?). The complex is clean and new. Admission is only about 30 baht per adult (end of 2014) and you will often see classrooms of students going there. Don’t be afraid, the aquarium has large rooms and people to get these littles monsters. It is really a nice place in Isaan to learn about the kinds of fish living in Thailand, fresh water or sea salt water fish.


There is a huge sea water tank with sharks and manta ray. It is very impressive and there is a glass tunnel where you can go under that huge tank. It is obviously done for children and classrooms to learn about the water world of Thailand but everything is translated in English and very interesting.

 Explanations about fishes.

 It is not as nice or spectacular as the Rayong Aquarium or Siam Paragorn in Bangkok. But still, it is probably the best aquarium in Isaan and it is 10 times better than the Aquarium of Roiet. (Sorry for Roiet!)

At google maps,   (enter the numbers “15.091299, 104.327863”) to find the exact location.

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