This place is amazing: Clearly one of the most beautiful restaurant in Isaan.

You can’t see the place from the entrance. There is a large parking as this place is well known. The location of this place on Google Map is here:


But when you are inside, watch out! Not only is it a restaurant, but the location is amazing. Not only the location is wonderful, but it is like a museum! Objects from the past everywhere. You won’t regret your visit, unless is it fully packed.

The river beside the restaurant makes it a unique place to visit. And food is wonderful. Truly another gem in Isaan. One of the best restaurant you can find in Northeast Thailand.

If you are around Pak Chong, take a detour and visit this place. You won’t be disappointed. If you like in Nakhon Ratchasima or Sikhiu and never been there, SHAME ON YOU!!! But on weekends, it can be crowded. Better to go on week days if you can.


More pictures here:

I believe this is their website: 

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