Baan Pak Sabai


Baan Pak Sabai – Khao Yai


Baan Pak Sabai Resort is situated in Wang Nam Khieo, an area of natural beauty within Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Province of Thailand, about a 2-hour drive to the east of Bangkok.  The district name is also spelled as Wang Nam Kheaw or Wang Num Khieo on English-language maps and signs.

Due to the upland terrain and the wide choice of chalet-accommodation holiday resorts, Wang Nam Khieo has earned the nickname of being Thailand’s “Little Switzerland”.  However, this does not mean it is crowded or commercialised.  It is still a natural landscape of rural agriculture and stunning national park-lands, dotted by occasional small towns and villages.

Baan Pak Sabai is the perfect location for a family holiday, a weekend in the country, a business conference, or any social gathering.  It is a popular choice for a break away from large cities, and offers enchanting lunch or dinner stops for tour groups and travellers.


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