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Bars on Khao San Road

There are plenty of bars along Khao San Road and this area. Soi Rambuttri, just beside, is another street full of tourist, backpackers and locals wishing a good night out. But if you are looking into something more than just a pub, here are some of the most popular bars on Khao San Road.


2/2 Khao San Road
Banglampoo (Khao San Road) Bangkok 10200
Tel: (66) 0-2629-1988-9

A classic. It’s just on the corner of Khao San Road. You can’t see it very well on the picture above. Inside, there is a large bar and people are just all around it. They have a music and people dance around the bar. The opened a new Gulliver on Sumkhumvit Soi 5 few years ago.  The one on Sukhumvit is gorgeous with a lot of pool tables. Much better, to my taste. This place is a little dark, and it is not one of my favorite. But it is sure well known in Bangkok.

The Cliff

You must take a narrow passage to get to the bar (see picture above, that’s the entrance). Inside, most walls are black in this 3 floors bar. There is a huge climbing wall just beside where the band plays. On the last floor, it’s a kind of private bar. The second floor is a mezzanine where you can watch the band playing below.

The music is excellent, mostly rock. (U2, Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Police, Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.) If you like live and rock music, you might like this place. Admission is free.

That’s taken from second floor.



This is another club with a small entrance but inside, it is quite big. Everything is red with some green lasers.

There is a DJ playing mostly dance music (Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas). Admission is 100 baht for man, and free for ladies. I heard there is an Australian manager in the owners. If you like dance music, that is for you.


The Club

Khaosan Road
Banglampoo (Khao San Road) Bangkok 10200
Tel: (66) 0-2629-1010

This is a huge club not so far from Gulliver, but on the other side. Again, the entrance is quite small but this place is huge!

The DJ is really good, mixing techno and house until very late. The crowd is quite young and they all dance, even on the stage. If you like techno, that is your place. Free admission.


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