Buying fireworks in Korat


Fireworks in Nakhon Ratchasima



There are two or three smalls shop selling fireworks near “Ban Korat” or “Stories”.  It’s not only for Chinese new year: You have a party and want some fun? You want to add a surprise for a special occasion? These can be impressive and they are not very expensive. Just be very careful with them and do not let children play with them…




The entrance. Same road as “Happy land”. Same side. 






These are small ones, normally around 25 baht each.
You take them in your hands, and they fire balls of light for about 6 to 8 times. 
If you can play around a lake, it will be safe. 




The ones on the top are 250 baht and that’s a SINGLE firework.
But these are the same as the big one, more or less, you see in the city.
You can have cheaper at 150 baht sending 16 smaller ones, but quite
good too. Different colors are available. 




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