Check Inn Pub in Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima

Check Out All the Fun and Food at the new Check Inn Restaurant and Bar

Korat is a growing city in Thailand, and new venues keep popping up. Some are flash-in-pan but others are making a real name for themselves and are likely to become well established spots in the Korat City.
One such place is Check Inn restaurant and Bar, located across the street from the Sri Pattana Hotel on Suranaree Road. Tucked underneath a snooker hall, Check Inn welcomes their guests with a great patio for dining, mingling, and a big screen projector for the weekend football matches. Inside, you find happy smiles greeting you from behind the bar where you can sit and enjoy a drink and light-hearted conversation with a staff that has excellent English speaking abilities. Off from the bar is a pool table, which has ample room for all those tricky shots. A real dart board with real darts sits in the corner, and a stage for acoustic acts playing English and Thai musical standards.
The owners are Mam and Jin, who will melt you with their smiles and sense of humor. Both are great at English and run a wonderful restaurant complete with fully trained chefs. The menu at Check Inn includes both Thai and Western cuisine. From old Thai favorites like laab moo tod (spicy fried Thai-style meatballs) to the always standard of bangers and mash, smothered in gravy, the menu offers pretty much something for everyone. Not to mention that the food is reasonable in price and delicious. Couple that with a full bar, the standard selection of bottled beers and ciders, an inviting and friendly staff, and an atmosphere of relaxation which leaves everyone happy and it all makes for a great place to eat, meet, and make merry. The clientèle is a mix of young and old foreigners and Thais, so there’s always new conversations to be had and new friends to make. Hardly ever empty on a Friday or Saturday night, Check Inn is establishing itself as one of Korat’s hot-spots which is likely to endure for quite some time due it’s staff, menu, and location.
 Next time you’re in Korat be sure to check in to Check Inn Restaurant and Bar. Open from 11am to 12am everyday with free WiFi and Tuk-tuk service at the curb.
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