Chiang Khan : Really nice place on the Mekong

I just spent one full day in Chiang Khan. What a wonderful place in Loei province. It is really different… The main attraction, beside the mekong, is the walking street at night. Tons of nice shops, and the kept the old wood houses. Really beautiful. We had a nice room with a view on the Mekong. Most guesthouses or hotels will provide free bicycles to ride around the city. There isn’t much to do: eat, drink, massage, shop. But it’s a really nice city.

There is a great restaurant with Luang Prabang food on the main street. They have this place for generations and their grandparents or great-grandparents come from Luang Prabang. Highly recommended.

Chiang Khan is a place like you don’t see often in Thailand. Most guest-house will give you a bicycle for free and you can ride the city. There isn’t much to see, but just relax, enjoy the Mekong, cafes and life.


More pictures of Chiang Khan on Flickr:

You will find a list of guest-houses here:,3842.msg3842.html#msg3842


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