Chok Chai Farm burger now at the Mall,Korat,Nakhon Ratchasima,Restaurant

Chok Chai Farm burger now at the Mall, Korat

The opened the fourth branch of Chok Chai Farm burger at the Mall, on first floor, at Freshmart Market.

They serve some steaks and have 3 kinds of burgers: Traditional, Kurobata or Wagyu. Cheapest is 120 (traditional) and more expensive is 250 (Wagyu full option). Options are cheese, bacon, fried onions. Full options has these 3.


I had the original with full option. That was 150 baht. I have to say it was a VERY good burger.


There are benches on a counter around the place in Freshmart at the Mall. It is kind of strange to eat in a supermarket…


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