Discover Bagan: An Ancient city in Myanmar (Burma)

Discover Bagan: An Ancient city in Myanmar (Burma)


Bagan is an old city in the region of Mandalay in Myanmar which is formerly known as Burma. It can be found within the central plains of Myanmar and on its eastern side lays the bank of the Ayeyarwady River which is on the south-western part of Mandalay. Bagan is home to numerous Buddhist temples, ruins, pagodas and others since 12th century. You will see different shapes of buildings in Bagan because the shape and the way the buildings were constructed contain spiritual essence to them. If you are an artist, your heart will surely be captured by the things that you will see in Bagan, Myanmar and you will appreciate greatly constructed buildings that are surrounding the place.

Bagan along with its pagodas and temples can be visited anytime of the year since it is in the upper part of Myanmar; there is no rainy season that will threaten tourists. It is different from other parts of Myanmar that is why they call Bagan as the place with sommer season. There are daily flights for you to visit the place. From Yangon to Bagan and there are also flights coming from Chiang May though Mandalay. If you want a direct flight, you can do that through the Seam Rap in Cambodia using Air Bagan. There are also hotels that can be found in Bagan and you can also choose from variety since there are lavish ones and there are also affordable ones depending on your budget.

Food cravings won’t be a problem here because most hotels offer their own restaurants for their guests that include western, Asian and traditional Myanmar cuisines. A trip won’t be complete without tasting the traditional and exquisite cuisines of the place that you have visited. You can roam around Bagan through horse cart or using a bike. You can also get a tour package with the sunset boating trip as well. You will be brought by the tour company to the Ayeyarwaddy River for you to be able to see the beauty of the sunset over Bagan while you are having a drink with your love one or even if you are alone, you will still appreciate the beauty of nature in this place.


If you are into collecting something from your tours you can buy bamboo works or cloth since Bagan is also known for their beautifully made local art that include bamboo works and cloth. You can visit monastery in Bagan which was built on top of the mountain for you to be able to see the entire beauty of Myanmar along with some ancient cities surrounding it. There are lots of hotels that can accommodate you while you are in Bagan and there is nothing to worry about where to stay since you have vast options to choose from too. Bagan is special simply because of the ancient architectural designs, stone engravings, mural paintings, and others. lacquerware are also known in Myanmar and it has been making their people creative and productive as well.

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