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: Dengue fever spreading in the North and Northeast
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Dengue fever spreading in the North and Northeast    
BANGKOK, 31 May 2010 (NNT) – Dengue fever is found to be spreading in many provinces, especially in the North and the Northeast, prompting public health officials to urgently destroy breeding sites of mosquitoes to prevent further spread of the disease.

Nakhon Ratchasima Public Health Office has dispatched officials to spray chemicals to kill mosquitoes in many community areas, notably at schools and temples. There have been 486 patients found thus far in the province, and an eight-year-old girl has recently died from the disease.

The situation in the northeastern province of Buri Ram was similar to Nakhon Ratchasima as the number of patients has rocketed to 360 people with one fatality reported, one fold higher than the same period of last year. Most of the patients were found to be children aged between 5 and 14.

Public Health offices in many provinces have sent out officials to spray suspected sources of mosquitoes and inform people on a door-to-door strategy on how to eradicate mosquito larva.

Anybody with high temperature is advised to wipe the body with towel to reduce the temperature and beware of convulsions, particularly in infants. Only paracetamol is recommended as medication to reduce body temperature while aspirin must not be used to avoid bleeding.

Patients must be sent to hospital immediately upon observation of any further severe conditions such as agitation with cold hands and feet.