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: Streaming TV in Thailand - Example of Netflix
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It is possible now to stream TV from Internet in Thailand. The following is an example of Netflix. Netflix should be ONLY for USA, but you can create an account, use a VPN or proxy server with a US IP and use Netflix.

The above video was shot on a Sunday afternoon (today), in Thailand. It\'s a documentary about water (tapped).

We used a 3BB connection at 590 baht per month, nothing fancy. There is a wifi router sending the signal to an IPad. But the signal could be directly to your TV, or via a media box (like WD
And there was a HD cable from Ipad to this TV. The TV is at least 40 inches. I don\'t have an\"Apple TV\" and used a cable sold by Apple (quite expensive, about 1,000 baht, I think Apple TV is now about 5,000?).

The image is quite clear even if not perfect. It was the first time I tried on a large TV.
This is an example of media box:

There was no disconnection or anything wrong. When we say STREAMING, that means it\'s live. You can choose hundreds of videos, TV, and you don\'t have to download first. it takes about 15 seconds to load. Netflix has a huge list to choose from.

There are some fees: Netflix cost about 8$ US per month. A VPN server in USA cost about 7$ (I think). So, 15$ or about 500 baht, and you have a TV or movies on request...

Cheapest way would be to connect an ethernet connect to your media box. A media box is about 4,000 baht. For an example of media player, check here:

This is how to get Netflix in Thailand:
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: admin June 06, 2011, 12:42:30 PM
Here\'s another example of a movie, played on a large TV screen with netflix. That movie is streaming on Internet and with a wifi device, actually a phone!

The phone plays the video, and you link it with a cable to your TV. Quality is quite good, sound is perfect. You can play TV, movies and others.

Netflix cost less than 300 baht per month. They will soon expend to Asia, but not yet.
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: admin November 23, 2011, 09:30:56 AM
I am now using netflix on Iphone, Ipad, and Mac.
Iphone and Ipad have iOS. The application is different I think.
I use a cable from the phone or Ipad directly to see on large screen.
Cable is expensive, about 1,000 baht at iBeat but my wife got one cheap at a market somewhere. Half the price or lower.

Our Mini mac is used for multimedia at the moment. It works with wifi at home, no direct connection. I can see the speed at 6 Mbps, more or less.
On ipad and iphone, netflix streams without stopping. But quality is not perfect. It really depends on time you use it, the movie, etc.

On mini mac, picture is MUCH BETTER quality. But it stops often with my connection, we have 3bb at home, normal package at about 599 baht (not sure) with something like 5 or 6 Mbps.

Does anyone using netflix have better result with a direct connection?
Does anyone has a better package, more than 5 or 6 Mbps and stream movies?
Does it worth it? What do you use?
Anyone has HULU in Thailand? How is it? Can you compare?

Be careful with netflix in Thailand: If you do not use a proxy or VPN, it will alert Netflix. Your account might be under review. You need to call them (no email) to make it starts again. It\'s a pain in the ***. If not, this is a great service for less than 300 baht per month (7.99 US)

I just watched 2 good documentaries this week with it. Not perfect quality (streaming with Iphone or Ipad) but easily watchable.
: Re: Streaming TV in Thailand - Example of Netflix
: admin February 26, 2013, 11:36:26 PM

If you have Netflix, try the new serie HOUSE OF CARDS just on Netflix.
It is one of the first series as original content created by Netflix, with Kevin Spacey.
Really good.