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: Few days in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam
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        I went to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for few days 2 weeks ago. I was my first time in Vietnam, and I really enjoyed it. Here's a summary of 5 days in Ho Chi Minh city.

Foreigners (but not Thai citizen) normally needs a visa to go in Vietnam. Click on the link to learn how to get it. (

Ho Chi Minh City

I booked another cheap flight on airasia, on a super sale last year. I paid about 2,000 baht roundtrip. And as I have been done for a while, I book my rooms with Agoda. They have cheap rates, you can see pictures of the place, and there are reviews from people.

I chose a place in the center of the city, near Bahn Tahn market, a famous market.

On my first day, I booked a cooking class. I enjoy cooking. I was alone with a chef and a translator. We did four dishes. I highly recommend that Cooking school if you like that.

Food was good, especially at this restaurant Cuc Gach Quan. All rooms were different, food was fabulous. I paid about 400 baht for a very nice meal, beer, in a beautiful restaurant, which if you compare to foreign countries, is not a lot!

This is the place:

And that was the food:

But you can have a geat beef soup called "Pho" (pronounce Faw) for about 40 baht. The one was with my "unseen Saigon" guide, in one of his favorite place.

This is what I cooked

On my second day, I went on a "unseen" Saigon motorcycle tour. I always try to avoid tourist places and that was nice. We went to many different districts of Saigon, and spent about 6 or 7 hours around the city. In some places, I hardly seen foreigners. Very narrow streets, hundreds of people, small markets, very nice.

Saigon is a city of maybe 8 million people and there might be 5 million motorcycles. The traffic looks like a ballet of motorcycles and I wouldn't like to drive a motorcycle there!


I only went out once, in an Aussi bar called the Blue Gecko. And after, I visited a famous bar called "Apocalypse Now". That place is special. There are bunkers on the second floor as bar and barbel wires on the ceiling! The staff didn't let me take pictures of upstairs, but I was able before to take some of downstairs.

Blue Gecko, Aussie Bar

Everywhere I went, prices are similar to Thailand for food, hotels, or tours. They accept American dollars almost everywhere. Their money, the Dong, has a very little value. So, I was millionaire in Vietnam! For 100$ (or 3,000 baht) you have about 2 million Dong!

The War Remnant museum is a place that you won't forget if you visit it. It's like S-21 in Phnom Penh, or Auschwitz. A museum of death, or war, where you try to find out how things like this can happen. If you go in Ho Chi Minh City, I know this is the most popular place for tourist, but you have to visit it.

Read attentively this:


Some of the bombs used

And while you learn about the Vietnam war, you can also do a tour at Cu Chi tunnels, where Vietcongs where hidding under the grounds, in tunnels, as a strategy.

If you like shopping, laqueware and handicraft are everywhere. There is a "backpacker" street not far from the market that I was, south of the park. I found it on my last day. There were plenty of shops with used books, snake alcool, guesthouses, etc. It was a little Khao San Road.


This is a motorcycle that was about to prepare snake alcohol...very popular there. Old people think it's good for health.

Someone I know did a very different try in Saigon, a week later, with about the same amount of days. He went to the sea and also in mountains, in Dalat. This is just to show you there are plenty to go in Ho Chi Minh city and you should enjoy it if you enjoy Thailand.

Here are some of my pictures:
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