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: Streaming TV in Thailand
: admin February 26, 2013, 11:33:47 PM

I am now streaming more and more TV, and in different ways.
You don't necessary need a Wifi TV. It depends on your system, if you have smart phone, an Ipad, some connectors, etc.

One way is directly from Internet. It works well if you have a wifi TV.
It works better on iPad, not sure why. Probably because the Ipad is a kind of computer and your wifi TV is just an accessory and now designed as a computer.
You can also plug your TV on your computer, using HDMI is great. But it can be done with a video card, using a normal RCA output for television. I use more or less all these forms, depending where I am and can watch HD movies easily, streaming.

Example, my wife likes this website: (

If you click FARANG (written in Thai) it goes to all the American and British series. What is nice for Thais, there are subtitles in Thai.

Here: (

You must put the passport of the person who uploaded that file.
The passwords are here: (

You just enter the password in the kind of box, click and you can watch directly on your computer, iPad, or wifi TV the series.

Works well.

I use also applications like Netflix and posted on it. This is a paid service. But LG or Samsung offer also Free or Paid applications to watch movies or play games.

Youtube has also more and more content. I recently watch TPB-AFK (The Pirate Bay - Away from Keyword) a documentary on the famous website. Really good, on a large screen, no computer, through wifi. HD also.
You can't see the difference between streaming and a DVD or a file.

Obviously, the future of television is into streaming online.
Everything will be on internet, available whenever you want.
If you buy a new TV, be sure that you buy a WIFI TV. It isn't so much more expensive and soon, it will be the standard. I am not sure about 3D because they might invent it without glasses or others. But wifi is so cool...

If you have an iPad and Apple TV, or a mini mac, or apple device plugged on your TV, you can also use AIR PLAY to put the picture of your ipad on the screen. Great to watch movies too. If means that without ANY cable, what is supposed to be on IPAD in now on your large TV screen.
Technology is really amazing these days.

: Re: Streaming TV in Thailand
: wasagabob February 28, 2013, 06:38:59 PM
A friend of mine suggested a site called USTV . You have to say you are an American (hard for me to do but I did it) and you can watch a variety of shows from the major networks for free. I actually watched the Superbowl on whatever US network it was on. They obviously have upgrade packages that they try to sell you but I just ignore that.
: Re: Streaming TV in Thailand
: admin February 28, 2013, 08:35:36 PM

I believe your friend is here: (

I never looked deeply into that website.

I got more or less whatever I want and I never seen anything so good as NETFLIX.
I also use an American address to get the service! (but it is available in Canada).
However, Doo-series is pretty cool. And I stream also some Canadian television from MANY websites.
It will become more and more popular, trust me. I am glad to pay for Netflix, even if I could download a LOT of these series. It is just convenient, easy, and at 260 baht per month, I can afford it!

: Re: Streaming TV in Thailand
: benjama March 02, 2013, 01:21:36 PM
Is a smart TV the same as a wifi tv?
: Re: Streaming TV in Thailand
: admin March 02, 2013, 04:21:30 PM

I believe 'smart' is more general but include wifi.
Like you can have a tv to display in 3D.
3D is generally obtained by combining 2 pictures into one. So the television is 'smart' because it is like a small computer. It can also have some applications like a phone, and a memory.

Another way is using a device working on wifi, like a phone or iPad, and with cables or a way to connect, you display on your tv. Then, the tv is not smart, or not wifi, but your device used it.

For example we have 2 TVs in the house. One is smart and not the other.
But we use both of them to stream.
One, obviously with phones, iPad, computer. It doesn't play 3D.
The other, can do the same. Buy you can also stream directly on wifi, without any third party.

Smart TVs are not as powerful today as phones or tablets. Applications are limited and slow.
But it will be soon fantastic. Examples of things you can do:
Play any music on your phone through the speakers of your tv, wireless;
Use a camera and chat online, with friends, on Skype or others;
I can watch anything on YouTube, HD, directly on TV, without the TV stopping while playing.