If right in front of Klang Plaza 2. Foreigners called places like this a “fish bowl” because the girl are behing a window and it looks like an aquarium. If you like sushi, Kinza has the widest selection of fish in Korat. Prices are between 1000 to 1900 (according to our sources) and depending if you prefer salmon or trout. There are girls on a sofa WITHOUT A GLASS on the left. These are most expensive. Behind the glass is normally 1,000 to 1,300 baht.

It’s near Fun Factory (currently closed and same owner) and there is a quiet snooker place just beside.

The price includes the room for about 2 hours (with a bathtub) taxes and the girl. It doesn’t include your drinks. More or less the same in all other massage parlor in Korat. But this is probably the best place.



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