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Koh Chang



2/6-7 Soi Seubsiri 3 Seubsiri Rd.

Tel: 044 275 154 and 044 275 145.

Fax: 044 275 543.


This restaurant opened in 2006, is just beside Blue Pavilion (that was closed and reopened in 2008 as a Korean BBQ).


They serve GREAT seafood and the ambiance is relax. Prices are higher but quality is there. They recently put the price a little higher and do make smaller portions according to frequent customers. We also experienced that the prices were up.


We recommend you to try SOOSHI KUNG. These are not sushi. They are giant shrimps in a mild curry with coconut cream. Not too spicy.


The main board at the entrance. Large parking is available.
With gardens and ponds. There is also music at night.

In July 2009 we were reported the following prices:

  • Crab dishes were between 350 and 400 baht.
  • Stir fried shark meat with herbs and chili, 150 baht.
  • Squid and octopus dishes were 150 to 180 baht
  • Yam were 150 and up.
  • The cheapest papaya salad was 80 baht, a traditional Som Tam Thai.
  • Big bottle of chang was 75 baht and big bottle of heineken, 100 baht


Scallops in garlic butter. Served with a spicy sauce BESIDE (not in the picture).
Not the same style as European garlic butter but quite nice. 180 baht.
Thale Pad Tcha. (See food with green pepper).
A little spicy but nice pieces of scallops, shrimps, fish, squid
all perfectly cooked. For 180 baht.


Shrimps with tamarine sauce. 250 baht. A little expensive but again, nice.


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