There is a new restaurant in Nakhon Ratchasima. Boring because hundreds open each year? Well this place is just so good that you might want to completely read this article. After, you might want to directly go there to have a taste by yourself! I have no hesitation: It is my new favorite restaurant in Korat.


It is called “Mix” restaurant and pub and located at the “City Link Condominium” project ( That place is not very far from Sima Thani, on Mittrapab, direction of The Mall. If you know Pidaso, it is just before. You must enter in the condominium project by the main gate on Mittrapab. Drive maybe 1 km until the first standing condominium. You can’t miss it, just in front.


This place opened in April 2015. It is a branch and this restaurant in other locations has won awards. I was told there are 2 in Bangkok and 2 other building, also one in Chiangmai, one in Burma and others.

Mix Cannadian lobster

Cannadian Lobster.


I already went 3 times in 2 weeks. I would highly recommend the “Cannadian Lobster”, also the”Grilled Tasmanian Salom with spicy Miso dressin” that are both in appetisers.


Grilled Tasmanian Salmon with Spicy Miso dressing.

The desserts look fabulous but I only tried 2. They serve molecular cocktails and have a nice selection of wine. A part of the menu is on the pictures below.

The place is just beautiful with plenty of parking. The roof top wasn’t opened yet when I visited. You will find them on Facebook under “Mix Restaurant and Pub Korat”. The open at 11am until midnight.

For more pictures, have a look here: Mix Restaurant in Korat

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