There is a new shop in Korat selling “Japanese antique” and other retro classic items. It is quite unique and has the same style as “ampawa” a famous bar in Korat. On Apple or Google maps, it is located at : 14.947546,102.052261. This place is called “Ochie”.



Sincerely, I never seen a place like that in the area. The have Japanese doll, sculpture of Ultraman and crazy stuff. I love these things!!!!


This is the front view of this shop.

The shop is on 2 floors. Old posters of Elvis or advertising of Coca-Cola is available.

This is becoming more and more popular in Thailand, but be careful: these are often copies and not authentic antiques. You can see these things for example at Check In, a very popular bar in Korat (do not confuse with Check Inn, another bar in Korat, also popular but mostly packed with foreigners).

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