Every year around December-January, there are thousands and thousands of red lotus blooming in a lake near Udon Thani: Nong Harn Lake. It can also be called “Nong Han” lake or “Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake”

It is also called the “Lake of red water lilies” and it is a unique and spectacular thing to see.

This lake is about 20,000 rai and an important source of water for the province. It is very shallow and there is only about 1 meter of water in that lake.

It goes into “Nam Pow” river. It starts around October but the highlight is around December and January….and it can blossom until the end of March. You must go in the morning as the flower bloom from dawn to noon.

Nong Harn Lake

This lake is also famous for a Thai folklore story that you can read here on Wikipedia:



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