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 Saveone Market

The city of Nakhon Ratchasima has many places for shopping. The most popular in THE MALL, a giant shopping center in the middle of Korat. Klang Plaza is another one, near Ya Mo.


Tesco-Lotus, Makro, and Big C also have their spot in the city.

If you are looking for electronics, Taifah behind Ya Mo, or Taifah universe in front of Klang Plaza 2 are probably 2 very good places with Do Home and all the other places like Makro, Big C, or Tesco Lotus.


Save One is a flea market open every day at around 6pm. It’s located on Mittrapab Road, towards Bangkok, few kilometers from Sima Thani hotel.


The best places to shop for cheap vegetables, fish, meat or prepared dishes are the numerous market in Korat, like “Talad Phee” (Ghost market near the police station in the midddle or Korat) or Ya Mo Market, probably the biggest one in Korat somewhere in the city, opposite the Mall, almost in front.


You can almost find everything in Korat. It might be difficult to find books in foreign languages, good wine and few other items.


  • The Mall
  • Klang Plaza 2, 24 Jomsurang-yart rd. Muang district Tel. 0-4426 0111
  • Save one market ตลาดเซฟวัน 1485 / 1 Mitraphap Rd., Nai Mueang, Mueang Tel: 0-4422 2588 (includes all types of new and second hand products)
  • Tesco lotus 719 / 5 Mittraphab rd. Muang district Tel. 0 4426 3700 – 24
  • Big C Mittraphab – Nongkhai rd. Muang Tel. 0-4429 5050


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