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The Empress




The Empress is a REAL Chinese restaurant located in the Dusit Princess Hotel. They serve Dim Sun on lunch time and “a la carte” for dinner. It’s probably the most expensive restaurant in Korat, but the food is delicious. It’s just beside the Princess cafe, where they serve Buffet and which is much more popular than the Chinese restaurant at night.




Try the abalone if your wallet can afford it, or the shark’s fins soup. The also have Peking Duck for 800 baht (B). Most dishes can be ordered in small, medium or large portion. 10% service will be charged. A small coke is 50 B.



Pork Hong Kong Style. 200 B.

Be careful, the spoon and fork are excessively big.

Shrimps, Sichuan style, 250 B.   Chicken with lemon sauce, 200 B.

The Sichuan sauce was delicious.

One page of their menu.

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