Wat Pa Maha Kaew Temple also named the “Temple of a Million Bottles”.

About 50 km from Sisaket, toward the Cambodian border, you will find the “Million Bottles Temple”. It is a Buddhist temple, just like there are thousands in Thailand. However, something is quite unique: It was build with empty bottles! Thousands and Thousands of bottles. Beer bottles, red bud bottles, pepsi bottles, and also some pictures are done with caps bottles.

This is maybe the most beautiful and famous but there are 15 to 20 buildings around with bottles.

Around 1980-1990, the monks starting collecting bottles and slowly with the years, built a kind of sanctuary of building with bottles. The is even a crematorium made with bottles, walls for toilets are made with bottles, all buildings and they are still constructing in 2014.

This give you a good example of their work.

If you are around Sisaket in Thailand, this worths visiting it. It is a very special temple and you won’t see anything like this anywhere else. We asked a monk why did they started to make building with bottles? He simply said that it was better than throwing them in the garbage! A good example of reincarnation….




You will find around 40 of our pictures here about the million bottles temple in Thailand here. Have a look, it is unique:


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