The Out Gunn | Ubon Ratchatani | Bar and Pub


The Out Gunn, Bar in Ubon.


The ‘Out Gunn’ opened in 2009. It’s located just Big C with 2 or 3 other popular bars, like Ra Bian Mai. The name ‘Out gunn’ is a slang word in Thai meaning ‘making love’. It’s normally not a polite expression but they change one accent on the name, making it softer (less rude) and like a funny name.

The have live music playing rock and pop songs. The music is quite loud and they play Bodyslam, Sek Loso, Silly fools, etc. They also have large TV screens showing shows, movies or football. It’s open air but a big roof protects from the rain. Waitresses are young and cute to attract Thai customers.

The menu of the Out Gunn is only in English. The dish above is called “Naree Sadung” or “Lady surprised”. It’s shrimp, squid, chicken, mussels, sauces, spices, garlic, lemon and chili with vegetables. It’s all served cold. It was about 150 baht and can full 2 people or be a nice snack for more than that.

The sauce going with the mussels is made of chili, sugar and oil cooked. You add dried onions, lime juice and some kind of Thai spice called Ka.

Ice was 20 baht, big Singha beer about 90 baht. There is no admission fee and parking is easily available.


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