The Ubon International Hotel | Ratchathani | Thailand


Ubon International Hotel


434 Chayarngkoorn rd.,
Amphur Muang
Ubon Ratchathani 34000.
Tel 045 280 999


This hotel used to be know as the Nevada Grand Hotel (รงแรมเนวาด้า แกรนด์). The location is very convenient, in the center of the city, with a large parking and close to some shopping centers and bars.



Rates are normally 1000.-/1500,-/2000 even if you can see higher prices on some websites. They have about 150 rooms. One of the biggest disco/nightclub in Ubon Ratchatani, “The Rock”, is located in the basement.

View from the lobby of Ubon International Hotel.


This hotel has a good sized swimmingpool on 5th floor.

In addition there are 2 places with live music, Starbucks and Black Canyon Coffee, a cinema comlex, Nevada Inn Motel, Chester’s Grill, Sp Restaurant, food court, snooker hall, internet and more within 100 meters. Just in front…

Some people prefer the Laithong hotel or Toh Sang for the food but there are a little bit further.


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