Walking street in Pattaya

Walking street in Pattaya


“Walking Street” may not sound like an attractive name of a popular tourist center. However, it is a popular attraction located in Pattaya. This is a beer bar entertainment zone, located at the southern corner of  “Beach road”. There are several bars over here, which makes it a perfect outing for the single males, but many couples are also seen to flock around. Couples get attracted to this place because of the glittering effects that surrounds every corner of the area, particularly at night when all the discos start to operate. It is a heaven for the party freaks.

Party animal paradise

The nights get colorful at the Walking Street in Pattaya. Here you will find some amazing discos such as Tony’s, Insomnia and Lucifer. In addition to the discos, you can spend excellent time by enjoying the performance of the live bands such as Torus and Utopia bar (Thaitans of rock) Blues factory. Walking Street is the heaven for the music lovers.

Lovely food

Apart from scintillating night performances in the discos and the bars, the visitors can enjoy varied cuisines at the numerous eateries located in the area. You can serve your appetite with loads of mouth watering varieties of lobster, crab and fresh fish. There are several pizza centers and ice cream parlours as well.


Low cost suits

Walking street in Pattaya houses several tailor shops. You can visit these shops and order for a suite that will be delivered just within a few days at a very affordable price.

Street performers

In the Walking Street, you will come across some street performer providing excellent entertainment. You can find brilliant demonstrations of football skills, Thai Kick boxing, break dance performances, contortionists, magicians, etc. There is never a dull moment in this street.

Go Go Bars

There are plenty of beer bars in the Walking Street, but if you desire for more than sipping a chilled bear, then try visiting the go go bars. Here, you can enjoy your drink by watching beautiful girls showing erotic dance moves with almost no clothes in their body. Price of beer in these bars is definitely expensive, but if you like some steamy performance then it is quite worth it. A real treat for the single males or the bachelors.


If you visit this place, it will stay back in your memory for long time. World renowned nightlife, lovely islands and beautiful beaches are simple awesome.

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