Wat Pa Lak Roy Nakhon Ratchasima (Hell and Heaven Temple)

Wat Pa Lak Roy (วัดป่าหลักร้อย)

Location: Google Earth Place Mark (Green Arrow)

This temple is really different from others. It’s located in Non Thai district. You must take the road that goes to Non Thai (Road 205 direction Chayaphum). From the big intersection in Joho (road 205 and A2), it will take about 17.5 km before you see that sign on your left:

Follow it (turn left! picture was taken after from the other side) and continue about 2 km. There is a large parking and you can’t miss it.

The main attraction of this temple is to show you vision of hell and heaven. It is said that people don’t really believe until they see. So, you will see it there! Some parents take their children at that temple to teach them “right from wrong”. But I’m not sure that the images here are really for children!

If you are unfaithful, someone will cut your &#?@%@ with an axe!
You remember the 10 commandments: You shall not commit adultery!

You shall not steal!

If you put 5 baht, this band will play for you:

This temple is huge. You can walk around and there are dozens or hundred of scenes.

The 12 animal of the Chinese zodiac are represented.
Put some money in the animal of the year you were born and you will hear the animal’s sound!

Luang Pha Koon. Put 5 or 10 baht and he will say something for you!


If you want to see something different, and sure kids will love it, try Wat Pha Lak Roy . It’s only about 20-30 km from Korat.

Another place, quite far from Thailand, has a similar park:  http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/16784


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