A culinary discovery : the Thai barbecue…

I invite you to discover the famous Thai barbecue in the best Thai barbecue restaurant in Korat : Kiew Savoey .


This restaurant has open many years ago, and many TV channels have already promoted it.


The restaurant opens at 17:00 and the food is really good and of premium quality.

I always take a set of pork meat. The marinade is excellent, as the hot sauce which is served as accessory. What also makes the difference in this restaurant, it’s the inimitable taste and well-kept secret of the broth …

The set of pork meat comes with many vegetables and noodles, that you will have to boil in the broth.


The idea is to cook the meat on a steep aluminum structure, and the drippings will fall into the broth which dips at the base, and in which you will boil the vegetables. OK, explained like that it’s not easy to understand, it is better to look at the picture below …


It is truly delicious, and the taste of the broth will evolve during your meal.

There are about fifty tables Kiew Savoey Korat, and the restaurant seats about 200 people. There is a covered area (in case of rain), and a non-covered part. The staff is very friendly, and the prices are very low since you will leave with a bill of 250 baht for 2 people (including a set of pork meat + drink).


You can find Thai barbecues everywhere across the country. You can choose your meat: pork, chicken, offal, or your seafood: calamari, squid, prawns … It’s a culinary experience not to be missed !

Kiew Savoey (เขียวเสวย): 359/1 San Prasit Rd, Nakhon Ratchasima Mueang, Changwat Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand.

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