Buta and Gyu | Japanese BBQ | Nakhon Ratchasima | Restaurant | Korat

Buta & Gyu, Japanese BBQ in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Yomarrat Rd, same road as “Bule Saloon
Just beside “Thai Inter Hotel.” or not far from “Teenee Korat.”
Tel: 087 700 0323
Facebook page:   http://www.facebook.com/butaandgyus

This is a new restaurant that opened about a month ago. There is only about 5 or 6 tables inside. It’s a Japanese BBQ. And if I believe Google, “Buta and Gyu” means “Beef and Pork” in Japanese.

As you can see, the logo is a mix of a cow and a pig!

Over each table, there is a personal fan to evacuate the smoke. This is very similar to a Korean BBQ but the sauces or cuts of meat may be different. They have air conditioning inside and it’s immaculate. The service is quite good because the place is not very big… So, there is always someone around to serve you should you need anything.

The menu is simple and the owner told us that they will have imported beef soon. We took the tenderloin beef and it was excellent. There is a monthly special normally attached to the menu on the upper right.

You can add some vegetables, or rice.

The first plate is one of mushroom with some sauce on it. The give you 2 sauces: one is similar to Suki restaurants. The other one, you can add lime juice, garlic or chili to your taste.

Beef steak, Sirloin. Really thin slices… that is 159 baht.

This is how you cook your meat and vegetables. There is no piece of fat or broth around. A simple BBQ.

The location is the red “X”. Just beside Thai Inter Hotel.

If you want to try something different, if you like Korean BBQ (real ones, not the Thai style ones) you might like this new place. They also have wifi.

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