This is one of my favorite place in Korat. Not for enjoying so much the horse races but to feel the ambiance. People screaming, betting, eating downstairs. Plenty of food and I am sure you will have a great time.

The Korat horse track near Bung Ta Lua. Races are normally on weekends. Normally on Saturday.
It starts at noon and there are 10 races, almost every 30 minutes. Each race has 10 to 12 horses and it ends around 6pm. It cost 40 baht to enter. They have large parking but we recommend you to go on motorcycle and avoid leaving at the last race because of the traffic jam.

Entrance, where you pay 40 baht.

The stadium is quite large and you can have food, beer, etc. My wife is from Korat. She used to go there with her father about 25 years ago. Her father was betting small amount, 50 baht, and they had “Moo satay”, which is famous at that place.

As she rememeber, it is exactly how it was 25 years ago. You can have beer for 30 baht in can, minimum bet is 50 baht on horses.

I still don’t understand all the possible bets, but easy is to bet “Win” or “Place”. And they use English terms, so it is the same. For instance, you can say that horse “7” is going to “win”. So, he must finish first for you to win. Or if you say “Place”, then your horse can finish first or second.

There are 2 boards in front. The left on the left explain the money you can get  for “WIN” and the second one, on the rights, are the numbers if you wish to bet “place”.

Below is one of the booth where you can bet some money. You can bet anytime between the races, until the race starts. How do you know when it stars? Many people go to bet at the end, to look what are the rates on the horses…if you are too late, they might stop just in front of you before you bet.

Below is the board to check the bets. On the main board, there are 2 sections. The left is “WIN” with all possibilities for all horses. If it is written 10, that means if you bet 10 baht and win, you win 10 baht. So, you are even. If it is written 29 baht, you get 29 baht per 10 baht. Example, you bet 100 baht on horse 6, and horse 6 has a score of “56” for “win” on the board. You will get 560 baht if he wins.

Every Saturday. Cheap food and drinks. Very enjoyable. Yesterday, I bet small amounts on 4 races. Won 1, lost 3. Bought some drinks, and had food. I was with some friends but me and my wife, total costs, 300 baht all included for 2 people (Entrance, drinks, betting, including our win).


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