If you’re a fan of cooking Indian cuisine, you might find it difficult to get your hands on Ghee or Garam Masala in Korat. Well, not anymore! This is not the easiest place to find, but just follow our instructions, and you’ll soon be basking in aromatic herbs and spices. The shop is actually inside of a fabric store, near the night bazaar in the middle of Nakhon Ratchasima.


At the end of the night bazaar, opposite the end near Chez Andy, there is a 7-Eleven. On the same side of the road as the 7-Eleven, continue on towards Yamo. After about 100 or so meters, you’ll find the fabric store next to a TOTO mattress and bedding shop. If you’re savvy and know actual street names, it’s located on Chompol Road, not far from Klang Plaza 1 (old Klang) in the old town of Korat.

While they don’t have a very large selection, you should still be able to get a hold of everything you need. It’s easy to find cumin, coriander powder or seeds, chili pastes and powders, and oils in various shops, but this hidden gem of Indian in Korat has much more to offer.


Here’s ghee! It may be in a can, but it’s authentic.


Garam Masala: the small ones go for 30 baht, the bigger ones for about 150 baht. They also have anise seeds and Indian-style chili powder.

Panch Foran in Korat

They have “Indian flour” used for making roti, as well as dals or lentils for about 50-80 baht. Panch Foran is a mix of 5 spices from NorthEastern India. They sell other various other items from Indian, like bracelets and assorted jewelry.

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