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Well, we all have different taste and saying it is the BEST restaurant is pretentious. Of course I haven’t been to all restaurants in Korat but after living here for about 17 years, that’s my favorite at the moment.

The place has been opened for about a year (I presume early 2021) by a Thai chef who lived in USA and has a Thai restaurant in Atlanta. He cooks well…very well.

It is on the street at the end of the 80th years stadium. There is a parking and I went there because a friend told me. And he was right…

The first time, I went alone and asked the waiter what was good. He choose some prawn with salt (delicious and a very big meal) and he recommend a fish after I insisted to try two dishes. I didn’t know that that fish was about 1,500 baht but it was AMAZING.

That fish was expensive but so nice…best fish I had in Korat. Served in a Chinese sauce..

Now, you can have MUCH cheaper Thai food and not everything is expensive there. Prices are similar to 8 bistro or a nice restaurant. I like it there because the taste is always SPOT ON. I recommend the Ka Moo (pork leg) like German style or there is another specialty with a fish, that is fried and super tasty with mango salad. (see pictures below) Check hours on Facebook, not sure when it opens but seriously, for Thai food, that is unbeatable. A friend of mine like their chicken with Ginger but that is not on the menu. You have to ask the staff or chef….also delicious.

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