Location: https://goo.gl/maps/HKzJba8d3TAUbBrt9

Since the reopening of bars and late night in Korat, this is my favorite place. Why? Because it is small, the waitresses are super nice, the place is beautiful and you rarely see a foreigner there!

Don’t get me wrong: I like to speak English, but I can also have small talk in Thai. The clients there are similar to the ones going at Smaz Bistro. We often know each others and it’s just a cool place. Music is excellent, it opens around 6pm and closes around maybe midnight.

I love the small space and proximity that you have with the staff. The decor is also quite nice. It’s about 100-200 meters near the big Kasikorn bank behind Yamo. Check Google Map because it is not easy to find.

Name in Thai and board outside. It is really a tiny bar…

The first time I was there is in 2561 but with Covid, it was closed for a long time. After their re-opening, they had really nice cocktails but the person that was making them left so we are back with some drinks, beer and whisky. Do note that they have a small menu and also some bottles of wine.

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