The Surin National Museum opened its doors in 1995. It is located few kilometers from the city and will give you a great exhibition about the cultural heritage of the area of Surin.


The museum is divided in several sections:

1. Natural sciences
2. History-Archealogy
3. Local history
4. Ethnology
5. Local heritage

Not only will you learn about characteristic of Surin, the geology, climate (which is kind of boring at the entrance) but you will see how the transition between prehistoric period, Dvaravati (7th-8th century) Khmer culture (7th – 13th century) until today.

Pictures, sculptures, explanations in English, 3D model and much more in one of the best museum in Isaan to learn about Isaan culture, tradition and history.

I was there I think a Wednesday afternoon and I saw only 3 other visitors in this big museum. If you go slowly and read everything, it will take you an hour or two to have a nice visit. I particularly enjoy the traditional costumes of different cultures, Kuay, Khmer and Laos. Of course, because it is Surin, a part of the museum is reserve to talk about elephants and how especially the Kuay people excel in catching and training these animals.

This museum is closed on Monday, Tuesday and public holidays.

It is opened other days from 9am to 4pm. Admission is 100 baht.

It is free for students in uniform, thai people over 60 years-old, disabled people and monks.


More pictures about the Surin National Museum here:

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