The city and province of Buriram


The city and province of Buriram

Buriram is a historically rich province in Thailand, which is located at a distance of 410 kilometers from Bangkok. It is a Thai province with the area coverage of 10,321 square kilometers. The name of the capital city is also same as the province. The town of Buriram is positioned on the northwestern railway line, and it includes a local airport. People in Buriram speak different languages like Central Thai, Lao, and Khmer.

The economy

The economy of the entire province gets a good support from the capital. Apart from tourism, agricultural aspects support the local economy in a big way. Cassava and rice are the major agricultural crops of the area.

The Districts

The districts of Buriram include Mueang Buriram, Lam Plai Mat, Nang Rong, Phutthaisong, Prakhon Chai, Krasang, Satuek, Ban Kruat, Lahan Sai, Nong Ki, Khu Mueang, Pakham, Nong Hong, Na Pho, Huai Rat, Non Suwan, Chalerm Phra Kiat, Phlapphla Chai, Non Din Daeng, Chamni, Chaloem Phra Kiat, Ban Dan, Ban Mai Chaiyaphot, and Khaen Dong.


Some of the major attractions in the province of Buriram are Buriram Cultural Center, which is a local art and artifacts museum; Tao Sawai ancient kilns; Muang Tum temple; Buriram Bird Park; etc. Ancient Khmer wealth is abundant in the province of Buriram. The maximum Khmer sanctuaries are found in Buriram’s southern portion. The biggest attraction of the Buriram province is the Phanom Rung historical park, which is a Khmer temple. Here are some important facts about this fabulous Buriram attraction, which is also the biggest draw for the travelers.

This site dates back to more than thousand years, while several changes have been constructed during the period of 15th to 18th century. Earlier, this huge Khmer site belonged to the Hindus, but afterwards, the Buddhists became the owner of this site. The constructions of the site are very beautiful and elaborate as well. Sandstone and laterite are used in several portions of the historical park. The sanctuary is constructed by maintaining a certain layout, which is believed to be similar to the heaven of Hindu mythological god Shiva.

The big stairway from the bottom of the hill to the top definitely catches the attention of the visitors. The buildings are structured one after the other that takes you to the pagoda. After reaching the pagoda, which faces east, the surrounding design will mesmerize you. Whether it is the architecture, designs, the 17th century constructed Naga bridge, or the stairway, the detailed designing and grandiose of the Phanom Rung Historical Park are just amazing.

The visitors of Buriram also find it very easy to access the biggest attraction of the area, which is the Phanom Rung Historical Park. Air conditioned vans are available on rent in the town that takes the tourists to the sanctuary. The distance of the sanctuary from the Buriram town is 64 kilometers. Visiting hours of Phanom Rung are 06.00-18.00 hrs. It is open everyday.

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