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I visited in a new “bar/restaurant” in Korat called “Utopia” last January. Outside, the name is only written in Thai (ยูโทเปีย) and it is located near the 100 years market. I think it opened maybe a month before I went.

I saw a banner outside written CRAFT BEER and SMOKE MEAT and I was intrigued. At night, the place is lighted with large pink/purple neons…

They do have craft beer on tap (Similar to Some Might Say or Must Kiss So – this last one doesn’t have on tap at the moment). I tried the ribs and it was good. It was cooked very well but the BBQ Sauce had too much “ketchup” to my own taste. The price is according to the weight. Still, it was quite good and some of the best ribs in Korat. I am kind of difficult for ribs as I do mine sous vide and cook them for 24 hours…with a dry rub and homemade BBQ sauce.The atmosphere was nice. I do like that place and they obviously have a different menu than usual French fries that we see in all bars…

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