Vasu Hotels in Maha Sarakham


Vasu Hotels in Maha Sarakham

The best and biggest hotel in Maha Sarakham is the Taksila Hotel. It’s located near the bus station, in a very convenient location. Price for a room will be higher than 1,000 baht.

The second biggest hotel is the Vasu Hotel. It is also not very far from the bus station. You will have rooms for about 600 baht, or 700 baht with a bathtub. It includes the breakfast.

Pictures of Vasu Hotel:


There is also a very affordable quietly located but very clean motel type establishment called The Talabtong Resort Hotel (043 777534) with about 12 rooms in Ban Tha Rae village just outside town on the right hand side of the Highway 23 about 1 km from Kaeng loeng Chan intersection heading towards Borabue. You will need to go to the U turn about another 1 km past the PTT filling station to get to it or cross the sand built U turn directly opposite the soi where the hotel is located. This is about 450 bht a night.
There is a very newly built hotel on the edge of town on left hand side before you get to the lights before BIG C on the road out of town turning right at Saem yaek Kalasin junction. I am sorry but at this point on time i am not sure of its name.

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